By Eric Glazer, Esq.

Published January 4, 2021

Well that was quite a year wasn’t it?  2020 was without a doubt the gloomiest, most depressing year that most of us have encountered in our lifetimes.  It could not have ended soon enough.  I don’t think it’s sufficient to just put it in the rear view mirror and forget about it.  It would be a shame if we look at 2020 as simply a year of destruction.  We have to at least be able to say that we learned some life lessons from the tragedies and insanity that so many families suffered.  Let’s at least try to salvage something from the insane year that it was . 

Every year everyone seems to make new year’s resolutions.  They stick with them for a few weeks and usually forget about them by February.  I would like to think that this year, we are better than that.  I would like to think that since we just went through hell together, we should certainly be able to get along with each other when the going is not a tough as it was in 2020 and 2021 begins to return all of us to a normal life again.  So, as the theme song to the Condo Craze Radio Show says……”Why Can’t We Be Friends?”  To help us get there, I created these resolutions that I hope we can all stick to in the year ahead.

Five Resolutions for Board Members;

  1. I will continue to do all I can to keep up interest in the affairs of the community;  primarily by ensuring that all meetings of whatever kind remain broadcast and accessible by ZOOM or other video platforms.

  2. I will do all I can to ensure transparency in the community, making sure our website complies with the law (if we are a condo with 150 or more units) and will even consider creating a website for our community that contains our official records and notices of our meetings, even if I live in a community that is not required to maintain a website by law.

  3. I will allow even the biggest loudmouth in the community the right to speak at all board meetings.

  4. I will read the governing documents of my community and attempt to update the documents if required.

  5. I will never get certified by signing a self serving ridiculous form, but instead I will take an educational course once annually, even if I am already certified.  My fiduciary duty to the owners demands nothing less.

Five Resolutions for Owners:

  1. If my Board keeps their promise to ZOOM meetings, I promise to log in and participate.

  2. I will not make baseless allegations of board members stealing and taking kickbacks unless I have absolute undeniable proof of same.

  3. I will not just appear at Board meetings to criticize the present administration, but I will also thank them when deserved, and ask them if I can help in any way.

  4. When I have a legitimate complaint, I will present it to the Board and management in a professional manner.  I will not appear at Board meetings simply screaming and yelling.  My complaints will be presented in writing and at the meetings but in a manner that invites further communication, explanations and responses from the board and does not make personal attacks on any board member.

  5. I will also take a Board Member Certification Course in order that I learn about the association laws and understand the massive responsibility each board member has on his or her hands.

Ladies and gentlemen:  Wishing you good luck, happiness and of course good health in 2021.

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