By Eric Glazer, Esq.

Published September 4, 2023


Yves Takenenuf is a Board member at Black and Blue Condo, a 100 unit condo located in Central Florida that borders on a lake, a forest and is clearly a little slice of heaven.  Itís even a 55 and over community.  So what can go wrong?


Yves is a dedicated Board member who works tirelessly for his condominium.  He has looked forward to Labor Day as a day where even he would be able to find a few hours of peace, quiet and alone time.


Yves starts the day with breakfast on his 5th floor balcony that overlooks the pool.  The orange juice is fresh squeezed and the pancakes are fluffy.   The sun is out and the Florida heat has yet to start.  Paradise.  Until Sally Screamer catches a glimpse of Yves enjoying his food.  Even though itís 7:30 in the morning, Sally berates Yves about the pool heater being broken and how the water is freezing.  Yves reminds Sally that her yelling is waking up everyone in the building but Sally keeps saying What? What? What?  As quietly as he can Yves tells Sally that the heater is not broken and that the water is actually 92 degrees.  Sally says itís freezing and gives Yves the one finger salute.  There goes breakfast.


Yves moves off the balcony and back into his unit.  The phone rings.  David Delinquent in Unit 310 is on the phone.  David, who hasnít paid his assessments since Christmas wants to know if the condo will be serving free bar b que ribs, chicken and steak this Labor Day.  Yves says there is no bar b que today and David says heís filing a complaint with the DBPR.


Yves thinks that maybe itís best to just leave the condo for the day.  As he opens the door to leave his unit, thereís Bernice Balbreker about to knock.  Startled, Yves says hello but Bernice starts screaming about the fact that she hears the condo has to start an expensive 50 year recertification that will cost millions and she isnít paying a dime because her Cable TV never worked right.  Yves explains that the condo isnít undergoing a 50 year recertification because the condo is only 22 years old.  Bernice wonít have it and demands her HBO.


Yves needs to get out.  He runs to his car and there is Andrew Anoyance standing right by the driverís door.  Andrew tells Yves that he had a feeling Yves would eventually need his car and thatís why he decided to wait by the door.  Andrew wants Yves to approve his tenants.  Yves says he doesnít know who the tenants are because Andrew hasnít bothered to fill out the form.  Andrew says he is suing Yves, calling the police and will lay down in front of Yves car until his tenants are approved.  Rather than cause a scene, Yves turns around and decides to go back to his unit.


Xavier Zukiper is on the elevator with a turkey.  Thatís right a turkey.  Yves asks Xavier why he brought a turkey on the elevator.  Xavier explains that itís an emotional support turkey.  Itís actually prescribed by his doctor to help alleviate stress.  Yves asks Xavier for the doctorís card.

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