By Jan Bergemann

Published April 13, 2018


Among all the nonsense contained in HB 841 is a provision that actually makes sense, even if it was only necessary to clarify the language after the “nonsense” ruling of an illogical judge.


Imagine a judge who rules that a vote to allow a material alteration can be held long after the material alteration took place? Remember: If the vote wouldn’t pass the whole work would have to be redone and all the money would be wasted? There are various arbitration rulings where material alterations had to be redone because the board had the work done without having the required membership vote.

Any person with a normal mind would have assumed that a vote allowing a material alteration – if so required by law – would have to take place before the work started. Not so this judge! He allowed the vote to take place long after the work was done – and allowed the board – in my opinion – to violate the Florida statutes.


The newly added language [before the material alterations or substantial additions are commenced.  This paragraph is intended to clarify existing law and applies to associations existing on July 1, 2018.] should definitely convince even an illogical judge that the vote has to take place BEFORE the work for the material alteration commences.


I guess you know my reasoning for the – in my opinion – incompetence of many lower court judges: Many of them are attorneys who failed in private practice and needed a paying job. For them the step to become a judge is just a necessity to make good money. And that’s why we are often get rulings that make no – or very little – sense.

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