By Jan Bergemann

Published June 9, 2017


Let’s face it: Contracts are tricky – and even if you have five copies of a signed contract, it still doesn’t mean that the contract is fool-proof. That goes especially for laundry mat contracts.


I have seen over the years many lawsuits between associations and companies providing the coin-operated laundry machines. Eric already pointed out the many problems association boards run into when trying to terminate such contracts. The board suddenly finds out that the contract that was once considered simple, is anything but simple.


These companies play with lots of tricks – and make termination of these contract often very difficult – or even nearly impossible.


That’s why it is very important that boards run these contracts by their attorneys before signing a contract that has many hidden clauses that don’t favor the rights of the association.


I’m definitely not in favor of a board running to their attorney for every little issue, but laundry mat contracts are known to be tricky – so please spend some bucks on your attorney – because otherwise it could cost you a bundle!

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