By Jan Bergemann

Published June 30, 2017


We always hear from attorneys that the association documents are “outdated” and need to be changed – and many boards agree. But is it really necessary?

Yes, there are certain things that might be “outdated” – and require changes. But changing the whole deal – or even a majority of the governing docs – is in my opinion a total overkill and should be avoided at all cost.


Targeting specific provisions might be the right way to go – and it’s a lot easier to convince the needed “super-majority” of the total voting interest to agree to some very specific changes than to a whole “rewrite.”


My suggestion to board members: Target specifics if you feel the need to make changes – but have a specialized attorney write the reworded provision.


And even if you feel the need to see your proposal to pass, always follow the requirements of the law. It takes a “super-majority” (according to your governing docs or – if silent – the statutes regulating your association) to enact an amendment to your governing documents.


I have over the years seen wild attempts to circumvent the number of required votes of approval. The absolute wrong one – besides using the new number added into the amendment the board is trying to pass: Claiming that all NON-votes are counted as YES-votes! As ridiculous as it may seem to you, it’s an attempt we see used pretty often.


On the other hand we see often owners opposing the attempt to rewrite the governing documents rallying the troops to Vote “NO” on the amendments. No need to do so: The statutes require the VOTE OF APPROVAL, meaning a clear YES-vote on the proposed amendments. Anything else is just a waste of effort and paper!

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