By Jan Bergemann

Published September 1, 2017


I doubt a developer would name roads in the community he is building Hitler Avenue or Stalin Boulevard. But we may have roads named Washington Avenue or Jefferson Road?


Shouldn’t these names be the targets of the wild crowd recently trying to rewrite history in our country?


The latest “frenzy” in our country to “rewrite” our history could cause some problems, considering that the left-wing radicals are targeting anything that comes from the South or was fighting for the Confederates during the Civil War – or was maybe a slave-holder?


Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson owned plantations and owned slaves. According to history books, Robert E. Lee was a general of the Confederate Army, but didn’t own slaves. But his person is the target of some wild mob. And some legislators with no back-bone give in because it’s now “fashionable” in our country to be politically correct.


Since most of the violent demonstrators are obviously students, shouldn’t we expect them to learn history before going on a rampage?


What everybody seems to forget is the fact that the slave holders of the South were not really the guilty party for having slaves in this country. If these folks would bother to take a closer look at the actual facts these folks would find out that some African tribes sold their “brothers” into slavery and got rich doing so. Aren’t these the folks that really caused the slavery problem?


As much as I like free speech -- and I don’t mind demonstrating for a good cause, I like it peaceful, without vandalizing the area. And I can only hope that our justice system works well enough to punish the people who destroyed other people’s – or taxpayers’ – property: Send them to jail and make them pay for the damages they caused. To me it's pretty obvious that their parents forgot to teach them any values.


Let’s not start the same in our communities – and leave street-names alone. We all can be proud of our history – so let’s leave history alone!

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