By Jan Bergemann    

Published September 22, 2017

Latest since Chief Arbitrator James Earls Final Ruling in the Sunbrook Condo recall case, we know that the new recall provisions enacted by the Florida Legislature are on hold, due to the fact that FAC 61B wasn’t changed accordingly in a timely manner and that the “esteemed” Division arbitrators are obviously unwilling to deal with these new laws.

In this case the new laws stating “Recall Effective Immediately” are clearly being ignored by our government agencies and the condo owners are paying the price.

As usual, the discrepancies in the wording of the bill are fought over on the back – and the expense -- of the condo owners who relied  on the new law being effective on July 1, 2017 – as stated in the original bill – and not some eight months later when some government worker are finally doing their job of changing the Florida Administrative Code accordingly.

I think this is a typical example why many association members are claiming that our government is failing them. Now even the recall process, in former times successfully used to remove “unwanted” board members isn’t working any longer.

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