By Jan Bergemann

Published October 2, 2020


On Monday Eric posted in his blog that we already learned that many associations have “No Sign” rules, meaning you can’t put up a campaign sign in your front-yard or your window.


But, like most “good” laws and rules, there is a loophole you can jump through.


Both FS 718 (Condo Act) and FS 720 (HOA Act) contain exactly the same language:

FS 720.305(2)(b) + FS 718.303(3)(b)A fine or suspension levied by the board of administration may not be imposed unless the board first provides at least 14 days’ written notice to the unit owner and, if applicable, any occupant, licensee, or invitee of the unit owner sought to be fined or suspended, and an opportunity for a hearing before a committee of at least three members appointed by the board who are not officers, directors, or employees of the association, or the spouse, parent, child, brother, or sister of an officer, director, or employee.


Since the association (management) is by law required to give owners a 14-day notice to remedy the violation, the association would not be able to fine an owner who posts the campaign signs 14 days before the election and removes the signs immediately after the election is over. Just a thought? In case you are adamant to show your neighbors who you support at the upcoming election, using this loophole surely worked two years ago.


In upcoming annual elections for the board of directors it’s definitely a great idea to have a “Meet The Candidates” town hall meeting. Owners should know who they are electing to decide over their (personal) finances for the next year.


In my opinion holding “Meet The Candidates” meeting at the clubhouse shows what the sitting board is all about – if there are more candidates than open seats.


The board holding such meeting wants to have a fair election, giving all candidates the opportunity to reveal their “platform”. Boards not holding such meetings are clearly showing that they are not interested in giving owners the opportunity to talk to all candidates. That happens mostly in associations where the sitting board wants to stay in power without giving opposing candidates the chance to introduce themselves to their fellow owners.

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