By Jan Bergemann

Published November 6, 2020


Eric posted on Monday that he is hoping that the election this week will hopefully unite the country again. I don’t think so! I think it divided the nation even more. I predicted from starters that we have a contested election caused by voter fraud and shenanigans – and an election system that clearly doesn’t work.


The world is laughing about the USA again – and rightfully so.  Being born and raised in Europe I will never understand how anybody in his right mind cannot favor the idea that a picture-ID has to be shown before voting. Remember the old Union slogan: VOTE EARLY AND VOTE OFTEN? Still works in this country!


But here is the positive side of this week’s election: The candidates we favored and supported all won – besides the kid in Palm Beach County. But as usual, Palm Beach County and Broward County voted BLUE. They voted in the same morons they are supporting in each election and then wonder why their local legislators don’t deliver. It happens at each election I remember since I’m going to Tallahassee in 2000. Please remember: I get more complaints from homeowners and condo owners in Broward and Palm Beach County than any other county in Florida. But they always vote for the same morons who have done nothing for them over the years. Even asking these legislators for supporting condo and/or HOA reform is a waste of time.


Miami – Dade County – did much better and the newly elected legislators will hopefully try to keep their promises.


Let’s never give up hope! Positive thinking is great for your health!

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Jan Bergemann Jan Bergemann is president of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Florida 's largest state-wide property owners' advocacy group. CCFJ works on legislation to help owners living in community  

associations. He moved to Florida in 1995 - hoping to retire. He moved into a HOA, where the developer cheated the homeowners and used the association dues for his own purposes. End of retirement!


CCFJ was born in the year 2000, when some owners met in Tallahassee - finding out that power is only in numbers. Bergemann was a member of Governor Jeb Bush's HOA Task force in 2003/2004.


The organization has two websites to inform interested Florida homeowners and condo owners:

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We think that only owners can really represent owners, since all service providers surely have a different interest! We are trying to create owner-friendly laws, but the best laws are useless without enforcement. And enforcement is totally lacking in Florida !

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