By Jan Bergemann

Published December 17, 2021


There are no more executive orders that will allow boards to circumvent the Florida statutes regarding board- or membership-meetings or not to hold elections. Zoom meetings may have been convenient for many folks involved, but the owners have the right to attend meetings and are allowed to speak on agenda items without being shut off by a computer button. There are no more excuses for dictatorial boards to cancel annual meetings with elections and stay in power without having to face any challenges. It was sad to see that many boards (in cahoots with their attorneys and CAMs) used the Pandemic to cancel required elections and didn’t give owners the opportunity to elect a board of their choice.


There is a reason that the statutes require meetings in person: No more hiding behind computer screens!


I have in the past 18 months received many complaints from owners who attended these “ZOOM”-meetings and who were not given the opportunity to speak at these meetings. In some cases owners were even informed that there will be a board meeting, but were not given the access code to the Zoom meeting.


It’s high time that things return to “NORMAL” and meetings are again held according to the requirements of statutes and bylaws.

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Jan Bergemann Jan Bergemann is president of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Florida 's largest state-wide property owners' advocacy group. CCFJ works on legislation to help owners living in community  

associations. He moved to Florida in 1995 - hoping to retire. He moved into a HOA, where the developer cheated the homeowners and used the association dues for his own purposes. End of retirement!


CCFJ was born in the year 2000, when some owners met in Tallahassee - finding out that power is only in numbers. Bergemann was a member of Governor Jeb Bush's HOA Task force in 2003/2004.


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We think that only owners can really represent owners, since all service providers surely have a different interest! We are trying to create owner-friendly laws, but the best laws are useless without enforcement. And enforcement is totally lacking in Florida !

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