By Rafael Aquino

Published September 6, 2023  


With just one week until the peak of hurricane season on September 10th, it's vital to emphasize that community association board members and managers should remain vigilant. The current meteorological conditions, including elevated water temperatures, have created an ideal environment for potential major storms. As of this writing, meteorologists are tracking two disturbances off the coast of Africa, with one expected to develop into a Category 4 or even Category 5 hurricane named Lee. Condominiums and homeowners' associations (HOAs) must be well-prepared in light of these imminent threats.


One key factor contributing to increased hurricane activity is the unusually warm sea surface temperatures. Warm water fuels hurricanes, providing the energy necessary for growth and intensification. This year, water temperatures in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico have significantly exceeded averages. Consequently, hurricanes have a higher potential to develop and intensify, posing an increased threat to coastal communities.


The current situation is particularly worrisome due to two disturbances currently monitored off the coast of Africa. Tropical disturbances often originate in this region and can intensify as they traverse warm Atlantic waters. Meteorologists warn that one of these disturbances, named Lee, has the potential to reach Category 4 or even Category 5 status. While the exact path and intensity remain uncertain, it's evident that vigilance is necessary.


Given the impending threat and the unpredictability of hurricane development, community associations must take proactive measures to protect their residents and properties. Here are crucial tips:


1. Stay Informed: Regularly monitor reputable weather updates, utilizing hurricane tracking tools and apps for information.


2. Review and Update Emergency Plans: Ensure your condo or HOA has an updated hurricane preparedness plan encompassing evacuation routes, communication protocols, and shelter arrangements.


3. Secure Loose Items: Encourage residents to secure or store outdoor items like furniture, plants, and debris that can become projectiles in strong winds.


4. Trim Trees and Remove Dead Branches: Regularly inspect and maintain community trees to minimize the risk of falling branches during a storm.


5. Check Drainage Systems: Ensure stormwater drainage systems remain debris-free and function correctly to prevent flooding.


6. Stock Up on Supplies: Advise residents to assemble emergency supply kits with essentials like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, and first-aid supplies.


7. Communication is Key: Establish a reliable communication system for residents before, during, and after a hurricane, utilizing email, social media, and community bulletin boards.


8. Evacuation Plan: Collaborate with local authorities to establish evacuation plans and shelter locations, informing residents about these options.


9. Insurance Coverage: Encourage residents to review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage for hurricane-related damage.


As we approach the peak of hurricane season, community association board members and managers play a pivotal role in safeguarding residents and properties. Following these tips and staying informed, we can navigate this hurricane season with greater resilience and safety.

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