By Jan Bergemann    

Published November 27, 2020


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving together with your family! We had a great Thanksgiving with a turkey Ė my wife being back home after her second successful knee-surgery. That alone made it a great Thanksgiving for us!


We all have a lot to be thankful for, considering the fact that there are three vaccines ready to be distributed. These vaccines should finally put an end to the Pandemic that haunted the world for nearly the whole year. These according to scientist very effective vaccines were created with OPERATION WARP-SPEED, an initiative created by President Donald J. Trump. Never in the history of the world was an effective vaccine created in a shorter time than the vaccines hoping to end the Pandemic caused by the Chinese Virus! Thank you President Trump!


This is not a party-political issue since the whole world suffered from this virus. From comparing different methods of dealing with this virus it has shown that no matter what, the lockdown method wasnít effective either Ė see Germany which had very serious lock-down restrictions and is now reporting more cases than ever before.


We have to be thankful that we live in Florida and that we have a Governor who makes decisions based upon reasons. Thatís why we will as well be able to celebrate Christmas. We are all adults Ė hopefully Ė and should be able to make our own decisions that take care of our own safety and that of our family members. We should be thankful that we donít have a dictator governing our Sunshine State unlike other states in the Union.


So, letís be thankful and letís hope and pray that this Pandemic will soon be over once the vaccines are widely distributed!

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Jan Bergemann Jan Bergemann is president of Cyber Citizens For Justice, Florida 's largest state-wide property owners' advocacy group. CCFJ works on legislation to help owners living in community  

associations. He moved to Florida in 1995 - hoping to retire. He moved into a HOA, where the developer cheated the homeowners and used the association dues for his own purposes. End of retirement!


CCFJ was born in the year 2000, when some owners met in Tallahassee - finding out that power is only in numbers. Bergemann was a member of Governor Jeb Bush's HOA Task force in 2003/2004.


The organization has two websites to inform interested Florida homeowners and condo owners:

News Website: http://www.ccfj.net/.

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We think that only owners can really represent owners, since all service providers surely have a different interest! We are trying to create owner-friendly laws, but the best laws are useless without enforcement. And enforcement is totally lacking in Florida !

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