By Rafael Aquino

Published June 7, 2023  


Over the past four weeks, we have been discussing the significant changes that are on the horizon for condominium associations. However, it's essential to acknowledge that changes are not limited to condominiums alone; homeowners' associations (HOAs) are also transforming. These developments have reinforced the idea that change is inevitable and highlighted the importance of requiring community association board members to obtain annual certification. This blog post will delve into the significance of embracing change and the continued need for board member certification.


1. Change is Inevitable:

Change is a constant in every aspect of life, and community associations are no exception. The dynamics of these associations evolve due to factors such as demographic shifts, regulatory updates, technological advancements, and shifting community needs. By recognizing that change is inevitable, we can adapt and prepare ourselves to navigate the evolving landscape of community association governance effectively.


2. The Importance of Certification:

Certification for community association board members is essential in equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the challenges and responsibilities of managing a community. It provides a foundation for understanding laws, regulations, and best practices, ensuring that board members can make informed decisions and act in the community's best interests.


3. Keeping Pace with Changes:

By requiring annual certification, community associations can ensure that their board members remain current with industry trends, legal requirements, and emerging issues. This ongoing education helps board members adapt to changing circumstances, implement new strategies, and effectively address the evolving needs of the community they serve.


4. Enhancing Professionalism and Expertise:

Annual certification demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and expertise within the community association board. It showcases board members' dedication to ongoing learning and continuous improvement, which ultimately benefits the residents they serve. By maintaining certification, board members can enhance their leadership skills, foster positive community relations, and make well-informed decisions that align with the community's best interests.


5. Fostering Trust and Accountability:

Requiring annual certification instills trust and confidence in the community. Residents feel assured knowing their board members possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively fulfill their roles. Certification also holds board members accountable for maintaining their expertise, ensuring that the community association operates transparently and responsibly.


As we witness changes occurring in both condominium and homeowners' associations, we are reminded of the inevitability of change in community governance. Requiring community association board members to obtain annual certification lets them stay abreast of industry developments, adapt to changing circumstances, and make informed decisions. Let us continue to advocate for the certification of all community association board members, reinforcing the commitment to lifelong learning and excellence in community governance.

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As the Co-Founder and CEO of Affinity Management Services, Rafael P. Aquino leads his team to redefine excellence. They serve community   associations   efficiently

and effectively with dedication and passion. Rafael’s energy and positive spirit is the foundation of Affinity Management Services’ company culture, which instills enthusiasm and excitement when providing expert advice to its board members and relieving the day-to-day burdens of running a community association.


Since 2007, Rafael has developed a work culture that values responsive and high-quality services. He has led his team by following a proactive vs reactive philosophy. The same approach Rafael instills in the day to day operations of each association. Today, Affinity Management Services maintains its success and benefits as a result of the foundation Rafael has built and continues to foster by providing educational seminars, continuing education classes for association managers and board members alike.

Rafael and his team help condominium and homeowners’ associations save money and improve their communities. His calm, personable, and service-oriented nature helps him to establish strong relationships with ease. Rafael is known as a sincere and honest leader who looks out for the best interests of his clients and communities, and he strongly advocates for their needs. His role requires coordination and communication, as such he takes logical and intelligent steps to approach challenges head-on.

As a graduate of Florida International University’s electrical engineering program and a licensed community association manager, Rafael’s education and skills equip him with unique insights to tackle complex problems through critical thinking. He understands how each component within a system works together in order to effectively arrive at solutions, techniques, and conclusions. Therefore, as he manages the multiple challenges of running a community association management company, he understands how each property is its own unique system and tailors’ specific services to assure that all their needs are met.

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